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Moustache society is a group for curious, disobedient people hungry to sigh out of joy, to be surprised and to recreate themselves with images and readings filled with imagination. It is a society for those who do not mind to stop in time, for those who want to notice their heartbeats and know that their reasoning could blush or horrify them. It is for people who want to swim in a sea of playful doubts they do not mind resolving.


beautiful booksPosted by Pistache Moustache Wed, February 29, 2012 11:51:36
Wild animals a book by Rop van Mierlo

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Moustache a la Bolognese

beautiful booksPosted by Pistache Moustache Mon, April 04, 2011 19:41:39
Unfortunetly we couldn´t visit Bologna Children´s Book fair this year BUT our books: "Nine stories about love" and "Neun Geschichten über Liebe" were there with our partherships Hamelin Associazione Culturale, Topipittori and Ana Ventura . Thanks to everybody who has started to order the books. We are ready and glad to deliver them.

Photo: Ana Ventura

Have a look in this two interesting press report we have had from Paolo Canton Topipittori´s editor. Il made in Italy delle favole. Da Stilton a Piumini il mondo compra le nostre storie and Le figure. Quando la storia si scrive col colore

Best !!!

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Food for thought

beautiful booksPosted by Pistache Moustache Wed, March 30, 2011 15:51:52

Food for thought is the name of the first book collection by Pistache Moustache. The first tittle is "Nine stories about Love" and "Neun Geschichten über die Liebe" inside these books you will find a series of curious brief stories that nourish your mind and your soul throughout ideas that will never leave you indifferent after reading. Tales coming from the most humble corners of the human mind that call out to the consciousness of the world surrounding us. In a world of pettiness where we seem to forget how frail our existence is and how important the simplest things of life are, Food for thought is Pistache Moustache response to those whose spirits are craving for the nutriment of higher reflections. M.A

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Here we are !!!

beautiful booksPosted by Pistache Moustache Tue, March 29, 2011 09:04:36
Today Pistache Moustache website is oficially online and we couldnt wait to share the news with you. So quick and long has been this part of the MOUSTACHE adventure, we can´t almost believe it. We thanks the creativity of the web designer Marga Hernandez. Thanks a lot ! The adventure has already started !!! We will be here regular searching, researching, sharing and bringing "Food for thought" xoxo

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et voila...

beautiful booksPosted by pistache moustache Sat, February 12, 2011 01:14:13

so, here's a tiny new blog about beautiful books... WELCOME!!!!

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