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Moustache society is a group for curious, disobedient people hungry to sigh out of joy, to be surprised and to recreate themselves with images and readings filled with imagination. It is a society for those who do not mind to stop in time, for those who want to notice their heartbeats and know that their reasoning could blush or horrify them. It is for people who want to swim in a sea of playful doubts they do not mind resolving.

2012 Fairs

eventsPosted by Pistache Moustache Fri, March 02, 2012 13:51:36

Kid's wear Berlin 2012 Little Barcelona 2012 Bologna Children Book Fair 2012

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Remind about love

eventsPosted by Pistache Moustache Tue, November 01, 2011 11:10:31

This image is from Alexander Girard, a great designer and a great word. This post is just to remind you to participate in our contest WHAT IS LOVE? or WAS IST LIEBE? oder QUE ES EL AMOR? This is a question to be asked for any parent or relative of a child who want to take part of this experiment inspire by "Nine stories about love". You can win a very lovely book´s selection sponsor by "byZebraBooks" just send your answer and a picture to We look forward to hear from you !

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eventsPosted by Pistache Moustache Mon, October 17, 2011 14:16:05
This is a contest is for children between 3-10 years. And the question is simple: What is Love? Was ist Liebe? Qué es el amor? Anychild (parent) can submit an answer. Please send us the answer with a photo, the name of the child and their age. We’ll review your submissions to ensure that they are appropriate and contain everything necessary, after which they will appear on the site. Please send us a your answer to with a picture and you will participate in this curious experiment. We will report more in the next week. Picture by Milimbo

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eventsPosted by Pistache Moustache Sun, June 05, 2011 23:33:55
Dear wonderful, beautiful dearest Yuly, happy birthday to you!!! Thank you for your energy, your ideas, your details and your spirit. It is great working with you and being your friend. Ein Glücksschwein für den Ponyhof...

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Neun Geschichten über die Liebe in Marburg

eventsPosted by Pistache Moustache Sun, May 15, 2011 16:27:30

esta historia continuara ...

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Next edition...

eventsPosted by Pistache Moustache Tue, May 03, 2011 14:46:28

We are very happy to participate in the next edition of the International Festival of Illustrated Books. Thanks a lot to Julia Pelletier for your invitation and La Central del Raval, in Barcelona to host our books.

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eventsPosted by Pistache Moustache Tue, April 05, 2011 10:50:18
Madrid, 9 de abril 2011
Donde: Libreria Panta Rhei.
Cuando: a las 19:30
Evento: Pistache Moustache- Presentacion de libro.

Pistache Moustache?
Si, Pistache Moustache es el nuevo proyecto editorial de Tanja y Yuly...que ya han publicado su primer libro !!!

Qué libro?
"Nine stories about love" son historias escritas por Giovanna Zoboli e ilustradas por Ana Ventura *(tambien disponible en aleman "Neun Geschichten über die Liebe")

Foto Ana Ventura

Qué tipo de historias?
Nuestras seguidora y critica literaria Maria Alicandú las ha descrito así: "Son una serie de curiosos y breves relatos que nutren la mente y el alma a través de ideas que nunca nos dejarán indiferentes.... Son historias contadas desde los recodos más sencillos de la mente humana, que interpelan la conciencia del mundo que nos rodea."

Mmm...aun quiero saber mas...
Pues entonces acercate este sábado. Tambien estaran expuestas y a la venta las serigrafias del cuento, numeradas y firmadas, por Ana Ventura.
Os esperamos:
Panta Rhei
C/Hernán Cortés 7

Ilustracion: Ana Ventura

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