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Moustache society is a group for curious, disobedient people hungry to sigh out of joy, to be surprised and to recreate themselves with images and readings filled with imagination. It is a society for those who do not mind to stop in time, for those who want to notice their heartbeats and know that their reasoning could blush or horrify them. It is for people who want to swim in a sea of playful doubts they do not mind resolving.

Monster Riot Membership 7

membershipPosted by Pistache Moustache Mon, September 19, 2011 18:35:07
Today we introduce you a creative couple Jason AND Catherine.
One make more this (find inspiration) the other one that (create eccentric) .
One duo. Together they collaborate under the name Monster Riot
We have invite them to be part of Moustache society and they have accepted. Here is the interview:

1. Do you probably have pets. Don´t you?
Yes we do have pets! We have two dwarf rabbits called Sanchez and Florence. They are house rabbits so they're very well trained but very naughty! We're looking at getting a doggy in the future and maybe a cat too (as long as they don't eat the rabbits that is!).

2. Craft and graphic. Who is the illustrator and who is the creatures father or mother?
Catherine lovingly stitches all the creatures and anything else handmade that we may create (she's also very good at typography so that might be an avenue we'll explore soon). I (Jason) create all the illustration for the site as I love creating characters and quirky/eccentric images. Catherine comes from an illustration background as well and at some point we'll start to merge our styles when we're more confident in doing so.

3. Which are your favorite humor series, or comedians ever?

That's a tough one as there's so much great comedy out there. I personally prefer British comedy and love sitcoms like Spaced, The Office, Fast Show, The Mighty Boosh and Big Train. Favourite comedian would probably be Ross Noble.

4. Could you recommend us a recipe to bake in autumn and an animation film?
It's getting more chilly so it's time for sausage and beef ale stews or fresh made soups to warm you up on cold Autumn nights... our favourite is Sweetcorn and Butternut Squash soup, you can see the recipe here! The last animated film we really enjoyed at the Cinema was Pixar's Up. I have been watching a lot more short animated films online and my personal favourite at the moment is The Invention of Love - a lovely short film created using silhouettes. You can watch it on Youtube here.

5. Your characters and creatures looks very friendly What is riot about?

Monster Riot is more the thought of our characters being quite bold, colourful and quirky and not being violent thugs! We feel our work is quite loud and loud enough to 'disturb the peace'. Plus the name sounds fun and stands out!

6. Which are your coming projects?
Ah if we told you that we would have to kill you! Only joking, we have a few future projects on the go. We are looking at exhibiting early next year with a few other like minded illustrators, we are planning to sell at craft fairs (which was one of the reasons we created 'Monster Riot'), there will also be a range of t-shirts coming out next Spring with our illustrations on them so keep an eye out!

Thank you very much !!!

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