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Moustache society is a group for curious, disobedient people hungry to sigh out of joy, to be surprised and to recreate themselves with images and readings filled with imagination. It is a society for those who do not mind to stop in time, for those who want to notice their heartbeats and know that their reasoning could blush or horrify them. It is for people who want to swim in a sea of playful doubts they do not mind resolving.

Adriana Bowder

membershipPosted by Pistache Moustache Fri, May 17, 2013 12:31:46
Today we have invite someone special to introduce herself as a new member of Moustache society. Welcome Adriana.

My name is Adriana Bowden, married, 4 children (2 from my husbands last marriage and 2 babies) I am from Brazil but live in USA and I love drawing.. My work is very simple, like me....
The fact I love so much drawing is because I feel transported to a dreaming place.. a magic and enchanted place...
Right now I am working on my first book and it’s written and illustrated by my. It’s a serie with Lillou’s character and the first one is “A little Trip Away”

Where are you from?

I am from Recife-PE, Brazil, very sunny place, with beautiful, warm beaches.... I miss every tiny thing from there.... I live in GA-USA though because my husband is American....

How and when did you start drawing?
I draw since I can remember... I always had paper and pencil by my side, but I used to hide my drawings for some reason...

How and where do I get the inspiration?

I have to babies: 4 and 2 years old. It is amazing, but when I am putting them to sleep, I start “seeing” my new drawing.... It starts slowly and by the time they are finally sleeping, I usually start sketching in their bedroom....

How do you get your colorpallet??
It’s mostly from flowers... I used this one on my last drawing.

What do you use to draw?
My work is very simple. After sketching, I just use Adobe Illustrator just because if I have to blow up my drawing, I won’t loose quality and anyway I do prefer doing as a vector because it’s just easier (I think), then usualy I finish with Photoshop.

How do you make your textures?

I love textures and anything that would look a good texture to me, I take photo and work on it.. or I just use normal photoshop brushes.

Do you name your characters?
Yes.. I love and name all of them and I feel different about each one... My favorite though is Lillou, who I say is my daugther.... I don’t know really why, but I just love the result.. I already have done it in watercolor and even paper of different textures... love all the results :)

A little bit more about you...
I love drawing and I do from my heart... I am a very sensitive person... and I can’t hide my feelings... they always come out...

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Joana Rosa Bragança

membershipPosted by Pistache Moustache Tue, November 20, 2012 23:01:13
Today we star a new section called "Self Interview". Pistache Moustache will invite artists and illustrator we admire, to present us a random of questions they would like to answer themself. Things nobody has asked them before, things they want to share, aspects they want to talk from a personal perspective. We want to hear how it sounds when they knock them own door. We want artists to feel free and confortable

We will start with an illustrator we admire. She is Joana Rosa Bragança. She is a portuguese illustrator who lives in the south of Portugal. Is a big pleasure to have her as our first guest. We love the way she draws. We love her characters, they has thieved our heart. We are touched by her colors palette. All around her work is soft and tender.You must need to check her website, follow her blog and we are sure you will like her facebook. Welcome !

Joana by Joana

What’s your favourite spot to work?

In the summer it’s in my backyard, under the orange tree. In the winter it’s at my studio, watching the rain and the sea through the window with the good company of my indoor plants.

What are your favourite things from where you live?

I live in Olhão, a small town in the south of Portugal. I like the fact that it is located between the sea and the countryside and it is quiet but also full of life. I love the local markets and the traditional white cubic rooftops.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Sometimes it comes from the inside, sometimes from the outside. I get inspiration especially from living beings, peculiar animals, genuine people that live nearby, plants, fishermen and their dogs or fluffy moustaches I see walking down the street. Childhood memories and toys inspire me too. Frequently I also get ideas from things I hear through my window, from local tales and characters, music, literature, old fabrics and all sorts of unexpected things.

Which are your favourite techniques?

I love using watercolour and indian ink, cutting, printmaking and sewing.

You like to create characters! How is your relationship with them?

My characters almost become alive while I’m drawing or sewing them! I start to imagine how their voices would sound, guessing their personalities and tastes, how would they relate to each other… they are my imaginary friends!

Do you prefer illustrating a text or creating freely?

I like to alternate between one thing and another, but still prefer to create freely.

What do you like to do when you’re not making art?

I love gardening, reading in the sun, playing with my cats, walking in nature, traveling, eating warm apple strudel with ice cream and taking photographs with my beloved film cameras.

What are your dreams for the future as an artist?

I dream about being a full time artist, making exhibitions, illustrating books and keep learning new things until I’m old. I also dream about having a fruit & vegetable garden!

Close your eyes! What do you see?

A furry Llama adorned with colourful pompons smiling at me !

Thank you so much Joana !

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Blogging your Way

just nice thingsPosted by Pistache Moustache Sat, October 13, 2012 14:35:17

Moustache Society is a blog from the publishing house Pistache Moustache and is about creativity. Pistache Moustache likes books and illustration, colors, prints ... We want this blog functions as a platform for exchange and as a stage to share what we consider original, innovative, fun and unique in the field of illustration. The idea we wanted to reflect on our logo with Mr. Pistache Moustache is a symbol of creative freedom, authenticity and fantasy. Currently we are participating in an online course run by Holly Becker, the title of this experience is Blogging Your Way, a name that we immediately felt identified with and in which we wanted to participate. For us (Tanja and Yuly) is a challenge and a commitment to establish professional synergies that support and enrich our daily work. In the first week of the course with Holly. We have learned a lot about issues that are important for communication through this medium. Holly is a generous PROFESSIONAL who share her experiences with the students and constantly encourages us to take commitment to what we do. From Pistache Moustache wanted to share and recommended our experience specially for all passionate bloggers and those who want to communicate and share with others the passion and inspiration in your personal or professional life. From Pistache Moustache we want to ask Holly If she would like to become a member from Moustache Society?

See you soon with many new features of our experience in Blogging your way.
Bye ! dear followers

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Vahram Muratyan

just nice thingsPosted by Pistache Moustache Thu, July 12, 2012 10:36:21
Vahram Muratyan is a French graphic artist. His work mixes commissioned work in print for high-profile clients and personal projects. In the fall of 2010, during a long stay in New York, Vahram launched his first blog, Paris versus New York, a tally of two cities. A site viewed more than 4 millions times, exhibitions at colette and The Standard, eventually the book Paris versus New York, published by Penguin.
Among his new projects, the weekly column La ville est belle in M, the magazine created by Le Monde in France. And recently, the Prada Spring/Summer 2012 special collaboration, Parallel Universes.

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Ickle and Lardee

just nice thingsPosted by Pistache Moustache Fri, March 16, 2012 10:29:01

These two guys are just fantastic !!! Here more information about the author. You can find it also and more in her blog. PLEASE, stop by Inhae Renee Lee

Inhae Renee Lee is an artist working in Berkeley, California. After moving from Korea to America at the age of 16, she became interested in pursuing a career in animation. She studied at the California Institute of the Arts and École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. She is currently a full-time blogger and the caretaker of two little teef.

5 Curious Facts about Inhae:

  • Whenever a baby tooth was loose as a child, Inhae's father would trick her into watching cartoons to distract her while he pulled her tooth out. She fell for it every time.
  • Had several pets growing up, including rabbits, cats, fish, dogs, birds, turtles, ants, beetles, and baby chicks (which grew up and were given to a family friend to "keep").
  • Her parents owned a video store in Korea, and was exposed to "The Exorcist" in 5th grade. She hasn't slept well since.
  • After moving to America, her first job in high school was at Dunkin' Donuts. Speaking very little english, she took immense joy in decorating the Christmas donuts and pumping jelly donuts with abnormal amounts of jelly.
  • Was involved in a car accident that flipped her car twice on the freeway and into a ditch. She walked away without a scratch and was home that night eating copious amounts of ice cream.

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Yummy pantone

just nice thingsPosted by Pistache Moustache Wed, March 14, 2012 09:41:51
We are totally in love with Griottes and the Palette culinarie. Take a look here

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Monsieur Voyage Membership 8

membershipPosted by Pistache Moustache Mon, March 12, 2012 11:55:37
Es un placer poder presentar hoy un proyecto inspirador. Hablo de la consultoría plástica y creativa que ofrece Pablo Torrado, diseñador y creador. Pablo pasó su infancia en la ciudad de Madrid. De niño jugó a todo los juegos posibles desde trepar a los árboles hasta buscar murciélagos, dibujó e inventó historias. Estudió Bellas Artes en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid y comenzó a viajar por el mundo compaginándolo con el trabajo en grandes empresas de comunicación como
creativo publicitario. Un día recordó a través de sus tres hijos el idioma
de los niños y se inventó una nueva y maravillosa historia: Monsieur Voyage.

1. Cuántos hijos tienes?
Tenemos tres hijos maravillosos de 8, 6 y 1 año

2. Es la creatividad una forma de viaje?
Por supuesto que si. La creatividad reside en cualquier decisión que
tomas, forma parte de nuestras vidas, es una capacidad muy parecida a
aprender a leer o escribir por eso tenemos que trabajarla como cualquier
otra materia, es por esto que nosotros estamos más interesados en el
proceso (viaje) que en los resultados.

3. A que conclusiones has llegado con tu proyecto Monsieur Voyage?
No paramos de reflexionar y apuntando estas reflexiones en nuestro
manifiesto inacabado, a continuación te expongo algunas de ellas.
1. El proceso es mucho más interesante que el resultado
Es el alma del juego, su esencia, es lo único imprescindible en lo más
divertido del mundo.
2. Colaborar es un motor de las emociones
Sentirse parte de un trabajo colectivo multiplica una emoción por su
número de participantes.
3. Sin colaboración, la educación es una ficción
La realidad nos dice que es más importante aprender a vivir con los demás,
que a sobrevivir solo.
4. Es necesario arriesgar en los planteamientos
El resultado sólo a veces será el mejor, pero el proceso siempre será
mucho más emocionante.
5. Crear un nuevo vocabulario
Hay nuevas oportunidades y condiciones que generan nuevas formas de
expresión, eso es necho.
6. La imitación como técnica
Es más fácil hacer un avión observando a un pájaro o una libélula que a un
perro o a un ratón. La improvisación como aliada
Nada más aprender algo, aparece la confianza y la intuición es capaz de
convertirlo en mágico.
8. Saltarse las normas y las áreas delimitadas. El juego es un niño
que necesita todo el espacio libre para experimentar e inventar su propio
9. Ser mediador y no medidor del conocimiento
La dirección no es realizar un examen continuo, es tener la capacidad de
llevar hasta un destino.
10. Ser actores del entorno
El juego está en todo momento, es todo lo que nos rodea y todos nosotros
somos los jugadores.

4. Cómo llegas a la exploración como forma de conocimiento creativo?

Apoyandonos en los hombros de gigantes..." En estos últimos años ha sido
muy importante ir conociendo a nuestra tribu, educadores, pedagogos,
investigadores que nos han revelado el secreto de confiar en nuestras
propias intuiciones. Digamos para contestarte en pocas palabras, con la
propia exploración.

5. Cómo definirias la recreación y el entretenimiento?
Acción de divertirse aprendiendo

6. Cuál es tu punto de vista sobres los medios actuales de
entretenimiento, tv, juegos electrónicos,...etc. Son puntos polémicos?

El entretenimiento en cualquiera de sus expresiones es válido, el único
problema que vemos es que las grandes macronarrativas se posicionan como
pposeedoras de la verdad y no dejan paso a las micronarrativas, mucho más
ricas en matices, más cercanas a la realidad.

7. Cómo piensas que se puede fomentar la iniciativa y curiosidad en los

Desde la confianza.

8. Es tu tu proyecto una forma de vida o un medio de vida?
Ambas y ninguna. Intentamos no definirnos, MV es un proyecto en continuo
progreso y adoptará las formas o medios necesarios en cada momento.
Creemos en el Edupunk por eso construimos para después cuestionarlo. Nos
interesa sobre todo el proceso por eso MV se transformará las veces que
sean necesarias.

9. Qué te encantaría hacer que no has hecho todavía? A dónde te gustaría
llegar con este fantástico proyecto?

Nos gustaría montar una escuela gratuita, de hecho estamos trabajando en
esta dirección. MV es un proyecto abierto a la colaboración y cada día
encontramos más apoyos y vamos sumando incorporaciones que enriquecen el
proyecto. On y va, así se llamará.
Nos gustaría llegar a todos los niños, los que tienen más y los que
tienen menos oportunidades.

Muchas gracias Monsieur Voyage. Podeis explorar su pagina en

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Moustache S

just nice thingsPosted by Pistache Moustache Fri, March 09, 2012 15:41:07
Lovely printables by blushprintables available in Etsy

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